Meds Checks & Diabetes Checks


No one knows more about specific medications than the wonderful Pharmacists at Chapman and Wood Chemist.

Medscheck and Diabetes Medscheck have been designed to provide a in-pharmacy medicine review between pharmacists and consumers to enhance quality use of medicines and reduce the number of adverse medicines events.

Chapman and Wood Pharmacy are very please to offer the opportunity for our customers to have a FREE MedsCheck or Diabetes MedsCheck, so you can understand more about your medicines and feel confident you are doing the best for your overall wellbeing.

Every year in Australia, about 210,000 people are hospitalised due to mishaps with their medications. It is very important to understand how our medicines and work, and what they’re used for. It is also useful to know what other medicines and products you shouldn’t use or take while on particular medications.

A one-on-one review with Kim, Mike or Rose can help to answer these questions, while also gaining some knowledge to better manage your condition, and prevent unnecessary trips to hospital.

Why have a MedsCheck or Diabetes MedsCheck?

  • Better understand how to use your medicines to improve their effectiveness
  • Receive useful information about how to better manage your condition
  • Reduce your risk of an avoidable trip to hospital

What is a MedsCheck?

A MedsCheck involves a one-on-one consultation with your Pharmacist. They will review your medicines in store to help you:

  • Identify any concerns or problems you may have with your medicines
  • Better manage your health conditions and improve your general wellbeing
  • Improve the effectiveness of your medicines by using them correctly

What is a Diabetes MedsCheck?

A Diabetes MedsCheck involves a one-on-one consultation with your Pharmacist. They will review your type 2 diabetes management plan in store to help you:

  • Improve your understanding of your diabetes medication
  • Use your blood glucose monitoring devices more effectively
  • Manage your blood glucose levels
  • Understand the best time to test your blood glucose
  • Reduce the risk of developing complications associated with type 2 diabetes

What’s the difference between MedsCheck and services such as Home Medicines Review (HMR) and Residential Medication Management Review (RMMR)?

A Home Medicines Review and Residential Medication Management Review are conducted in your home and require a referral from your doctor. MedsChecks are in-pharmacy services, and don’t require a referral.

Could you benefit from a Medscheck?

  • Have you recently been discharged from hospital?
  • Are you taking 5 or more prescription medications?
  • Have you had recent changes to your medications?
  • Do your medicines need monitoring? (Eg. Blood thinners, blood pressure Tablets)
  • Do any of your medicines make you feel unwell?
  • Do you use devices to help manage your medicines like blood glucose monitors or nebulisers? * Do you see more than 1 doctor (including specialists and GP’s)
  • Are you sometimes unsure about which medicines you should be taking? * Would you like to better understand your medications?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, then it would be a great idea to speak with one of our Pharmacists today! Call us on 6553 4001.

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